Ipswich Party Hire - Gas Roaster ( ideal for cooking whole pigs etc)
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Gas Roaster - with gas cylinder
Perfect for cooking a pig up to 80kg. Because pigs have so much fat, it is basting itself throughout the cooking period and therefore does not require it to be on a rotisserie. The end result is a perfectly cooked pig without all the hassle of securing the pig to a rod and keeping a watch on it.  No worries about motor or gear box failing; the heat circulates around the pig. You will still have crackling if scored and salted.  Comes with full instructions and cooking times. Other advantages: you can put potatoes, pumpkin, etc in to cook at the same time; keep leftovers hot in the unit for later on by pressing a button to set a lower heat.

  • Energy efficient with the revolutionary Heatlie Ribbon burner system.
  • Utilises the unique Heatlie Circular Cooking System for more efficient and effective roasting.
  • Instant Heat with 0-200 degrees Celsius in only 3 minutes.
  • 80kg capacity with cooking area of 1350mm x 540mm.
  • Controlled cooking environment.
  • No internal moving parts.
  • Automatic piezo ignition.
  • Flame protection device.
  • Gas consumption:- 0.9kg per hour (10 hours cooking from a 9kg gas bottle) Supplied in price.
  • With the legs removed the roaster can be reduced to the size of (L)142cm x (W)86cm x (H)67cm approx. for transportation
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    Gas Roaster - without gas cylinder

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